I'm a stresser by nature. I've been stressed out about anything and everything since I popped out of the womb. It's taken 44 years of learning to deal with anxiety and tension to get to a more peaceful existence. I'm not stress-free but I am able to cope.

1. Exercise. There's such a huge difference in my moods when I get my workouts in. If I go a few weeks without seeing Steve, my trainer, my body feels blah and then I feel blah. It's a horrible cycle. As soon as I get back to the gym or start getting my runs in again, I instantly start feeling better. Lighter and more energized.


2.Good Food In, Good Vibes Out. This is vicious cycle is the worst. If my mood is down, I don't care about what food I shove in my face. The more crap food I eat, the worse my mood gets. Making myself put down the Cheetos and pick up an apple instead is hard work but I know I'll feel way better after the fruit...and my hands won't have that orangey glow.

3.Just Say No. My business partner and I both have the illness of thinking we can do it all. Sometimes you just have to reign it in and say "no". Sure, I'd love to volunteer more at my kids' school or work with a charity. I'd love to meet with everyone that wants to get together for tea and chat about tech or startup life. But sometimes, you just have to say no can do. Which leads me to the next point...

4.It's "Me Time" So Shut Up. Every few days I carve out an hour that's just for me. And no, I don't count workouts as Me Time. My workouts are important and do a body good but do I love them? Um, no. Me Time is doing something I want to do. Something that makes me feel a little selfish. It may be going to see Amanda at Bella Rey to get my hair done or getting my nails done at nail salon. I love to hike and go for walks. I also love to lay my ass down on the couch and binge watch Game of Thrones or Walking Dead.


5.Playing Never Gets Old. One of the best stress relievers is disconnecting from the outside world and reconnecting with my kids inside their little world. Sitting and playing a game with my daughters does wonders for recharging my batteries. I am able to relax and just focus on them for a few hours. It puts everything into perspective. There is nothing to be all that stressed out about because I've been blessed with two amazing kids.

6.Reading. Writing. No Arithmetic. Writing has always helped me to relax. The same is true with reading. I can disappear into writing a short story or even a blog post. Reading allows me to shut my brain off from everything else that is going on and just concentrate on what I'm trying to learn in that moment. Most of the items I read revolve around my career but I love keeping up with the industry and new trends. One of the advantages of loving your job is that you continually want to improve and learn more. Reading, writing, even studying help me to chill out.

7.For Adults Only. Yes, I mean sex but lots of other things too like hanging out with friends and enjoying a few vodka tonics. Staying connected to friends is a priority for me. I can pick up the phone, call one of my besties and vent about work, love, kids, whatever, until I'm blue in the face. Having people around that you can count on is really what life's about. My girlfriends keep me sane and from doing really dumb shit. Well, at least they try.


I'm always going to be high strung and over think a million things all at once. It's who I am. But I can keep it somewhat in check, I remind myself everyday that life is good and I am blessed. Stressing out about every little thing isn't going to help much.

It's been a day, so I'm off to make a vodka tonic, text with a friend, and then watch some mindless tv. Peace.