Happy Dr. Seuss Day! If you have kids, you have read a Dr. Seuss book…or twelve.

Kids loves his books because they have so many funny words. They work for older kids too because they talk about emotions in a silly, yet effective way. While Dr. Seuss is one of the most successful authors of all time, I have to admit, as a parent, they aren't my favorite books to read...

The Top 5 Reasons I Try to Avoid Dr. Seuss Books

1. Too Tired for Tongue Twisters

I don't know who technically invented the "tongue twister" but this Seuss dude mastered it. I wonder if I could do a better job with the tongue twisters after a glass or two of wine.

2. I'm Trying To Cut Back on Profanity

Seriously, if you can read this passage without accidentally saying the word dick, you have a gift.

3. End of Day Attention Span

At the end of a long day, I find myself reading the words on the page but changing them in my head to make it a little more applicable to life as a stay at home mom…

Nah, in my head, I think about my three toddlers who are all still in car seats and I see "Oh the places you WON'T go"…..the list includes anything that doesn't have a drive thru. And church.

4. Career Limiting Lyrics

What in the hell was he trying to accomplish with "Put Me in the Zoo" book? An entire book about a unidentifiable animal who wants to be in the zoo and then sets his sights even higher and lands in the circus?? Have another hit, Doc.

5. Poor Life Choices

If you don't realize that "Go Dog Go" is about pot heads driving to a frat party, you're crazy.

And The Cat in the Hat has most certainly landed him on the "Most Wanted List" by Child Protective Services. If I'm reading this correctly, two toddlers were left home alone all day. It was raining and a strange man, dressed as a cat, showed up and played "make believe" games with them all day? Dateline would have a field day with this one.

6. Hidden Messages

Ok, I said 5, but ended with 6.
I was inspired by one of his pix.

Clearly this pic, was meant for me.
It might be meant for you too, that's fine.

The Yink likes to drink.
And his drink is pink.
He's talking about wine.
That's what I think.

May Dr. Seuss Day be filled with friends like Yink and fun pink stuff to drink.


Tipsy Mommy